The PIXEL collection, designed by Ramón Esteve for Vondom,
is inspired by the small elements of colour that make up an
image, looking to connect the piece with the numerous possible
outcomes that are generated as a result of how it is arranged.
The PIXEL sofa is composed of three independent modules that
allow you to create countless shapes; from linear sofas or chaise
longues, to corners or even a bed.
PIXEL’s main characteristic is its low seating height, designed for
a more intimate use that ties the piece in with chill-out zones.
Manufactured by rotational moulding, its versatility is enhanced
through the upholstery, available in a variety of fabrics and finishes
that can be combined with one another; alluding once again to its
name and mirroring those coloured dots that serve as the origin
of an image and the shape through different combinations in 3D.


Η VONDOM είναι η Μεγάλη Ισπανική Εταιρεία που ειδικεύεται στό έπιπλο κήπου καί τίς υπαίθριες κατασκευές απο ειδικά συνθετικά υλικά με την μέθοδο του Rotation Moulding. Σύγχρονοι γνωστοί Σχεδιαστές όπως ο Karim Rashid, o Javier Mariscal, o Stefano Giovannoni, o JM Ferrero, και τα Studio A-cero και Archirivolto Design δημιουργούν εντυπωσιακές Συλλογές Επιπλων, Φωτιστικών, Δοχείων για φυτά και Γλυπτά για διάφορες χρήσεις υπαιθρίων αλλά καί εσωτερικών χώρων.