A chair that is as comfortable as a hug. The combination of wood and fabric, in rigorous geometric shapes, contribute to creating an extremely elegant chair, with a strong Scandinavian inspiration and several different base versions and shell sizes.

The rational sleek wooden silhouette is suitable for minimalist modern spaces. The version with a smaller shell is perfect for waiting rooms and reading ares. An excellent solution for your living area in the sofa version.Available with swivel wooden base.


Infiniti is a young brand born in 2008, which offers furnishing designed to work, relax and socialize.
Creativity, technological innovation, design-thinking: these are the key concepts for understanding the philosophy of infiniti, which proposes furnishing accessories - chairs, stools, tables, sofas - created for the needs of contemporary life.
From the first steps, infiniti believed that design should be a value to be shared, and to be enjoyed in good company. A familiar concept that extends to the urban, public and professional community with a recognizable, practical and elegant touch: this is how furnishings are created to be used, shared, recommended.

Infiniti counts on 3 plants where we manufacture plastic, metal and wood, creating collections 100% made in Italy.