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Στο Design Plaza μόλις παραλάβαμε από την Ιταλία μοναδικά κομμάτια της Infiniti.

Παρακάτω θα δείτε τι καινούργιο θα συναντήσετε στους χώρους μας και τις PROMO τιμές τους. Επιπλέον θα μπορείτε να παραγγείλετε ό,τι σας αρέσει από την εκτεταμένη συλλογή της Infiniti με PROMO έκπτωση 30%

Pure Loop Lounge

Pure Loop Lounge is an armchair with padded shell and seat in expanded polyurethane and completely upholstered. It has a swivel base with four-spokes.

αρχική τιμή από 829€ χωρίς την promo έκπτωση -30%

Peb Wooden Legs

A soft and comfortable lines armchair, Peb shows an important and essential personality, playing with the two heights of backrests available. Now, it is presented in the wooden legs version. It is fully upholsthered and perfect for the lounge areas of the contemporary living.

αρχική τιμή από 1154€ χωρίς την promo έκπτωση -30%

Beetle Low Back

Lines as simple as enveloping: Beetle Low Back is a lounge armchair designed with a low backrest, paired with a comfortable pouf.

The shell is realised in cold foamed polyurethane and can be upholstered in leather, eco-leather or fabric on a steel insert. It has a polished or painted aluminium four-spokes swivel base.

αρχική τιμή από 740€ χωρίς την promo έκπτωση -30%


Inspired by an open seashell, Kram is inviting and welcoming the user to enjoying great comfort.

It is a plywood lounge chair that rests on a steel or wooden three-legged frame. The seat is available upholstered.

αρχική τιμή από 870€ χωρίς την promo έκπτωση -30%


The Rami trestles allow you to create a modular and customized table, tailored to the setting and the wishes of those who choose it.

Made of painted steel, the trestles revise the classic concept of the table base in an original way, using clean and essential lines. The simple and graphic design allows you to sit at the end of the table without obstacles at the height of the legs. Depending on the number of trestles used, from 1 to 4, it is possible to combine Rami with numerous table tops of different shapes and sizes.

αρχική τιμή από 1822€ χωρίς την promo έκπτωση -30%

το εκθεσιακό κομμάτι είναι με λευκό σκελετό και επιφάνεια

Sicla Aluminium Base

Formal neatness, several basis available and great lightness: this is Sicla.

Sicla is a seating composed of a lightweight and comfortable monocoque. A rib inserted on the back of the chair provides extreme stability to the backrest. The five-spoke base with heels is ideal for the office environment. The seat can be entirely upholstered or only provided with a seat pan.

αρχική τιμή από 234€ χωρίς την promo έκπτωση -30%


The project by Favaretto & Partners is inspired by the rigor of Nordic design. A clear shapes and simple forms seating, with seat and back in oak plywood, combined with a four-legs frame, which is available in numerous versions (four-legs, four-legs with arms, kitchen stool, bar stoool and Lounge – the first-born of the family). The frame can be in chrome-plated steel or matte-painted steel. All the versions are available with an upholstered panel, which can be in leather, eco-leather or fabric.

αρχική τιμή από 188€ χωρίς την promo έκπτωση -30% (το εκθεσιακό κομμάτι έχει ροζ χρώμιο σκελετό)

Relief Aluminium Base

Relief is a polypropylene monocoque seating collection, characterized by soft and comfortable lines. The shell has two high-relief in different finishes, that recall virtual cushions on the seat and on the backrest, emphasizing the minimal but not trivial form. From this technical detail derives its name Relief.
The chair has a polypropylene shell, which is assembled on different bases. It is available in three versions: only with upholstered seat, with upholstered seat and back or fully upholstered.

αρχική τιμή από 147€ χωρίς την promo έκπτωση -30%


In the small alleyways of the small French country villages (the so-called “ruelles”) is typical having a seat on the traditional bistrot and brasserie chairs, that Philippe Tabet has revisited in a contemporary way.

Ruelle has won the fourth edition of the design Contest of Infiniti. It is a chair with a die-cast alluminium structure and extruded alluminium legs. The backrest is available in molded plywood or in polypropylene and the seat is available with an upholstered panel.

Originally designed to be a bar and restaurant chair, Ruelle perfectly fits in hospitality and domestic world contests, thanks to the perfect mix between tradition and modernity.

αρχική τιμή από 320€ χωρίς την promo έκπτωση -30%

Loop Mono Sled


It was born ten years ago and it has immediately become one of the Infiniti best sellers, Loop is a sinuous icon capable of making any public or private environment elegant.

The polycarbonate shell gives now way to a recycled polypropylene version, made even thinner and lighter than before. The ergonomic armrests have a new size, but maintaining the typical curvature, which has made this chair unique for its kind. Loop Mono in polypropylene, which is added to the classic wooden version, takes on a pop, fresh and modern connotation.

αρχική τιμή από 203€ χωρίς την promo έκπτωση -30%

Klejn Bar Stool

Klejn Bar StoolKlejn has been created with lightness and simplicity: a minimal design stool, inspired by structures such as cranes and ships of the seaport surrounding Aarhus.It is a slim and light stool in rod steel, equipped with a wooden seat or polypropylene seat (both seats can be upholstered), available in three heights. Its structure can be painted or chromed, which makes Klejn suiting well for outdoors environments.

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αρχική τιμή από 132€ χωρίς την promo έκπτωση -30%

Modular bookcase ARIGATÒ

αρχική τιμή από 243€ χωρίς την promo έκπτωση -30%