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Easy, handy… and ready in a Click

Light and versatile, Click is Sancal’s first modular sofa conceived as a “flat-pack” design and it is part of Museo Collection. Like many great ideas, it came about in the most unexpected way when Toni J. Castaño was adjusting the headrests of his car.

Click is a seating program that aspires to be a new must. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. As its name suggests, its assembly is as intuitive as clicking the elements together. From a simple armless lounge chair to a to large composition, the range offers multiple possibilities.

Two types of armrests (one upholstered and a metal one) and a small oak wood coffee table, together with the possibility of adding electrical sockets, make this model even more versatile. Its soft curves can be dressed in a wide range of textiles and leathers, a plus for adding a personal touch to any project.

Thanks to its compact packaging and easy assembly, Click contributes to reducing the environmental impact during transport, without compromising on the firm’s signature design, quality and comfort.

If you want to know more about it, “Click” to watch its video.